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Pony Bead Stretch Band Video


  • Pony Beads
  • Stretch Bands
  • Wood Block Loom

  1. Make a wood block loom by hammering two small nails into the center of a block of wood approximately 1 inches apart.
  2. Choose pony beads of any color combination and stretch bands for the bracelet.
  3. Push bands through the holes of 12-15 pony beads.
  4. Working with your loom, twist the first band into a figure 8, and then add two additional bands above the first (only twist the first band).
  5. For the fish tail pattern, remove the bottom band from nails so it is resting on the other two bands. Add another band onto the nails on top of the two. Repeat until you have a total of 4 bands removed from the nails.
  6. Note: The key to making a bracelet with beads is to create a pattern by evenly separating the beads each time with the same amount of loops.
  7. Add on a band with a pony bead on it.
  8. Remove the bottom band as you normally would with the fish tail pattern; that band will lie on either side of the bead.
  9. Work through an additional 2 bands and then add on the second pony bead with band. Repeat until it is the desired length. After adding on the last pony bead, continue with an additional 2 bands and add clasp.

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