> > > > Pom-Pom Lace Scarf

Pom-Pom Lace Scarf


  • Lace Fabric
  • Pom-Poms
  • Tape

  1. Cut lace to – two 59 in. long by
  2. 8½ in. wide strips.
  3. To ease in the cutting, add a strip of tape to each side of the fabric in the approximate area of cutting.
  4. Then, measure a piece of cardstock 8½ in. wide by 10 in. long.
  5. Slide this cardstock guide up the lace, while marking the tape on each side of the lace with a pencil.
  6. Cut along the pencil lines through the tape.
  7. When cut, remove the tape, for a perfectly cut piece of lace.
  8. Put both of the right sides together with the pom-poms in-between. Have the "balls" of the pom-pom trim to the center of the scarf and the straight edge to the cut edge.
  9. Pin in place.
  10. Carefully sew on your machine, or by hand just to the inside of the edge of the pom-pom. Leave an opening of 4 inches to turn.
  11. When sewing is complete, turn inside out.
  12. Once again, press flat.
  13. Top stitch ¼ inch from edge.

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