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Polyurethane Backed Flannel - White

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Please Note: Fabric over 10 yards long may come in multiple cuts.

Cotton polyester blend flannel with polyurethane coating in white.

About this Fabric: This white flannel is made with a 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend and has been bonded to a white polyurethane coating. The polyurethane coating prevents liquids from passing, while the flannel helps soak up any liquid. This is a great material for easy clean ups, simply put it in the washer and let dry. With such an easy clean up this flannel is ideal for lining cribs and soaker pads. Never worry about leaky cloth diapers again! Use this material as a lining or layer in the diapers to prevent liquids from leaking. This material is not only great during the baby years but throughout potty training and those rambunctious years. Simply line mattresses to keep liquids from forming stains. This flannel backed polyurethane sheeting is soft, malleable, and comfortable enough to sleep on. With countless uses this fabric is a must have to have on hand.


SKU : 45000010427
Material : Flannel
Content : 65% Polyester 35% Cotton 3% Polyurethane
Fabric Width (inches) : 54/55
Manufacturer Number : VTDS-5086
Condition : New
Color : White
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