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Polyester Fabric

While the hybrid of polyester and cotton fabric makes for a great piece of apparel material, the soft, sheer texture of pure polyester works perfectly as a lining textile. At Beverly’s online fabric store, we offer many different polyester materials which replicate silk—without the overwhelming price tag! Looking to make an eye-catching tablecloth that is light and easy to clean? Check out our line of Crushed Faux Silk Polyester Fabric with Lace trim. These fabrics sport a textured appearance that is accented by black lace textiles, and a variety of color schemes are available including blue, brown, plum, light blue and grey. Other materials include our Dimpled Minky polyester, which arrives in a spectrum of bright colors. These are great for cloth handbag linings or crafts that require the soft sheen of polyester and a subtle dimpled texture! Or stock up on your favorite color from out vast selection of Faux Silk, the perfect rejuvenating lining material for an old jacket or purse and true discount fabric.