Pillowcase with Border


  • 5/8 Yard Main Fabric
  • 1/8 Yard Solid Fabric
  • 1/4 Yard Border Print

  1. Cut main fabric for pillow case to measure 44 inches wide by 23 inches long.
  2. Cut contrast solid fabric to measure 2 ¼ inches by 44 inches.
  3. Cut border print to measure 7 ½ inches by 44 inches. (you may use whatever width that you like for your border print according to your fabric. Adjust the main fabric to accommodate the length.
  4. To make a French seam, pin wrong sides together of the main fabric and the contrast solid fabric. Sew together using a ¼ inch seam.
  5. Turn fabrics with right sides together and stitch again so that no raw edges are showing.
  6. Press flat.
  7. Repeat the process above , by adding the main fabric to the contrasting solid fabric.
  8. Press all seams flat.
  9. With wrong sides together, sew another French seam down the side and press flat.
  10. Finally, sew the bottom of the case using another French seam.
  11. Finish off with a French seam across the bottom of the case.
  12. Press flat. Snip off any loose threads.

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