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Peacock Tutu

This magical peacock tutu is so easy to create with this free how-to series from Beverly's!

Materials : Tulle: 5/8 yard each of different colors: teal, teal with gold glittered dots, burgundy & black 1 " Elastic (measure waist & add 2") 16 yards of a variety of trims & ribbons 1 yard 1/2" Satin Ribbon(for bow at waist) 1 Skein of Fun Fur(copper color was used) 6-8 Peacock Feathers 6-8 Large Jump Rings 6-8 Metal Fold Over for Wide Ribbon End Jewelry Finding Beading Pliers Thread, Needle, Scissors

Directions: Read before beginning. 1. Measure child & cut elastic to fit waist. Add tulle for larger sizes or adult sizes. 2. Overlap elastic and stitch ends together 3. Cut tulle into strips 4-5" wide x 22" long. 4. Attach tulle using a slip knot; Fold each strip in half, bring loop up thru elastic, put ends thru loop, and pull ends down securing tulle around elastic. Repeat all the way around the elastic alternating colors. 5. When skirt is full go back and add ribbon, trim, fun fur 6. Cut peacock feathers at desired length of tutu. Take the end and lay it in the metal fold over jewelry finding and close the metal flaps with beading pliers. Feed a jump ring through the hole of finding and close. Repeat on all feathers. 7. Take a piece of fun fur and thread on a peacock feather, tie to tutu. Repeat with the rest of the feathers. 5. Tie a piece of ribbon to the front of the tutu and secure with a bow. *To determine amount of fabric for other sizes use this easy formula: measure from waist to desired length (A); Ax2+4"= length of tulle for each piece.