Painted Bottles


  • Glass Bottle
  • Ceramcoat ™ Acrylic Paints - White, Fuchsia Pearl, Sunshine Pearl, OJ Jus D'Orange, Aqua Cool Pearl
  • Scribbles™ - Wild Raspberry, Bright Red, Bright Orange, Sunny Yellow, Lime Green, Bright Green, Deep Turquoise, Bright Blue
  • Americana™ - 3D Gloss Enamels – Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Turquoise
  • American Crafts™ - Galaxy Marker paint-like ink, White
  • Krylon™ - UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating (matte spray)

  1. Clean bottles. Let Dry.
  2. Paint two coats white acrylic paint, letting dry between coats.
  3. Paint two coats of top acrylic paint (colors), letting dry between coats.
  4. Lightly draw design on bottle using the paint-like ink.
  5. Choose colors combinations that you like, using the Scribbles™ 3-D paint and the Americana™ 3-D paint. Carefully, follow the lines that you have drawn on the bottle. Decorate the bottle by adding one color at a time. Let dry.
  6. Spray with clear acrylic coating. Let dry.

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