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Pacific Silvercloth Fabric - Brown

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Please Note: Fabric over 10 yards long may come in multiple cuts.

Pacific Silvercloth Fabric in Brown from Pacific Silvercloth

Pacific Silvercloth Fabric Brown: Never again will your fine silverware and jewlry have to endure the perils of tarnish! With Pacific Silvercloth, all of your sterling silver and silver plated articles will maintain that radiant shimmer and shine! Line the insides of your jewelry boxes, fine silver cases, drawers, cupboards and much, much more! This incredibly handy Silvercloth can do it all! "How does it work?", you may ask. This rich, brown silvercloth is embedded with thousands of tiny silver particles that actively absorb tarnish producing gases before they harm the silver! You'll never have to polish again! Silvercloth also defends your silver against dust and scratches and is ideal for use with brass, gold, diamonds and any other precious metals or gems as well as silver! This high quality and incredibly functional material is a must! Order a few yards online today from us here at Beverly's, and say goodbye to the tedium of polishing for good!


SKU : 45088801299
Fabric Width (inches) : 41
Manufacturer Number : 488899
Condition : New
Color : Brown
Manufacturer : Pacific Silvercloth