Owl Costume with Mask


  • Felt – Light Blue, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Lavender, Purple and Orange
  • Tulle – Peacock
  • Feathers – Assorted blues and purples
  • Foamies™ - Blue, Glitter Blue, Glitter White
  • Hot Glue
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Fabric Tac™
  • Elastic Cording

Project Downloads
  1. Cut two pieces of felt to cover chest in the shape of a shield with a curved neck (similar to the pattern for the feather).
  2. Cut one strip of felt in the same color to measure 1 ˝ inches wide by 50 inches long.
  3. Cut feathers for body. We used the following: light blue feathers= 10, turquoise blue feathers= 10 ,royal blue feathers=6 , lavender feathers= 7 , purple feathers= 6
  4. Either sew them or use Fabric Tac™ to glue them to the front of the body piece.
  5. Tuck in assorted colored feathers and Fabric Tac™ in place.
  6. Add long strip and sew the center section to the middle front of the body piece. Roll the felt and completely sew from one end to the other to create a tie for the neck.
  7. Cut 24 strips of tulle to measure 6 inches wide by 30 inches long.
  8. Fold each strip in half and lay them one at a time over the front of each tie, next to the body piece. Carefully wrap the two loose ends of the tulle backwards and around the felt tie and through the loop on the top. Pull the ends down to tighten. (allow 12 strips on each side).
  9. Make sure to slide the tulle strips close to each other as you tie. This will leave 12 inches of the felt tie for securing the costume on the body.
  10. Randomly glue feathers here and there on the tulle using Fabric Tac™.

For the Owl Mask

  1. Use the pattern provided and cut out the main mask part from blue Foamie™.
  2. Cut the eyes from the white glitter Foamie™.
  3. Cut the eye balls from the blue glitter Foamie™.
  4. Cut the centers from the eye balls. Glue to the eye. Cut the center out of the eye.
  5. Hot glue the eyes to the main mask part.
  6. Layer 3 pieces of orange felt and hold together with double-sided tape. Cut the beak from the pattern provided.
  7. Hot glue the beak to the front bottom center of the mask.
  8. Poke holes where indicated on the pattern and insert the elastic cording. Measure around head and tie off on the other side.
  9. Cut two small sections of turquoise felt for the inside of the ears. Hot glue in place.
  10. Hot glue two small turquoise feathers to the top of the ears.

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