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Nu-Suede Polyester Fabric - Chocolate

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Please Note: Fabric over 10 yards long may come in multiple cuts.

Nu-Suede Poly Suede Fabric in Brown from Robert Kaufman Fabric

 Nu-Suede Brown: We are delighted to present to you yet another fabulous addition to the Nu-Suede collection by Robert Kaufman Fabrics, in a rich, brown hue. This snug, imitation suede’s warm color and incredibly smooth texture make it great for constructing comfortable costumes and apparel! Pick up a few yards today!

 Nu-Suede Poly Suede Fabric: Robert Kaufman Fabrics presents Nu-Suede, a basics collection of incredibly lush suede imitations, attainable in an assortment of vibrant shades and hues. Robert Kaufman Fabrics’ Nu-Suede fabric is constructed from 100% polyester microfiber based, woven poly suede, a lush, full material that makes for a wonderfully smooth consistency, making Nu-Suede the ideal fabric to utilize in the construction of costumes and apparel, or in your forthcoming home décor projects; whatever it may be, Nu-Suede fabric can meet the need! Overall, Nu-Suede from Robert Kaufman Fabrics is an amazingly dependable and remarkably enjoyable collection of basic suede imitations that we proudly endorse it here at Beverly’s online fabric store!


SKU : 45000009251
Material : Woven Poly Suede
Content : 100% polyester microfiber
Fabric Width (inches) : 56
Manufacturer Number : N027-1073
Condition : New
Color : Brown
Manufacturer : Robert Kaufman