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Nu-Suede Polyester Fabric - Black

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Please Note: Fabric over 10 yards long may come in multiple cuts.

Nu-Suede Poly Suede Fabric in Black from Robert Kaufman Fabric

 Nu-Suede Black: We are proud to bring to you one more fantastic addition to the Nu-Suede collection by Robert Kaufman Fabric, in a stunning, jet black shade. This gorgeous, imitation suede’s classic color and cozy texture make it ideal for giving your forthcoming apparel, or home décor projects a warm and approachable feel! Try it today!

 Nu-Suede Poly Suede Fabric: Robert Kaufman Fabrics is proud to present Nu-Suede, a basic collection of wonderfully smooth and entirely believable suede imitations, available in a wide assortment of breathtaking shades and hues. Robert Kaufman Fabrics’ Nu-Suede fabric is made from 100% polyester microfiber based, woven poly suede, a lush, full material that allows for a delightfully soft texture, making Nu-Suede fabric perfect for constructing everything from costumes and apparel to pillows and throws; whatever it is, Nu-Suede fabric can give it the feel that you’ve been searching for! All in all, The Nu-Suede collection By Robert Kaufman Fabrics is an amazing collection of truly remarkable suede imitations, and we here at Beverly’s online fabric store are delighted to provide it to you!


SKU : 45010805174
Material : Woven Poly Suede
Content : 100% polyester microfiber
Fabric Width (inches) : 56"
Manufacturer Number : N027-1019
Condition : New
Color : Black
Manufacturer : Robert Kaufman