Nautical Wreath


  • 14 inch Styrofoam Wreath
  • Red Heart™ Super Saver Yarn Aran/color
  • Red Heart™ Super Saver Chunky Yarn –Windsor/color
  • Felt – 1 each, navy and dark blue
  • 2 - Starfish
  • 3 - Shells
  • 31 – Pearl Beads
  • Cording- 42 inches long
  • Hot Glue
  • 8 inches – Beading Wire
  • Needle and Thread
  • Masking Tape

Project Downloads
  1. Turn styrofoam wreath face down on your worksurface.
  2. Around the back of the wreath, create a circle with masking tape.
  3. Mark off your wreath with a pencil into fourths.
  4. Add to the side of each mark, 1 inch. Draw a line with pencil as a guideline.
  5. Beginning with the cream (Aran) colored yard, wind around wreath working left to right. Hot glue in place to the masking tape on the back as you begin a color, and every several inches to hold yarn in place. When you end a color, hot glue in place as well.
  6. Work your way around the wreath, alternating the cream colored yarn and the blue (Windsor) being sure to overlap the ending yarn color as you begin a new one.
  7. Using pattern provided, cut out felt to make two lighter colored blue flowers and two navy blue flowers.
  8. Assemble the flowers by hot gluing in place overlapping the petals.
  9. Sew 6-7 pearl beads into the center of the navy flowers.
  10. String 5 pearls onto a piece of wire and twist to secure.
  11. Glue these into the lighter blue flowers to embellish.
  12. Glue the two lighter blue flowers in place to the front right bottom side of the wreath.
  13. Glue the three navy blue flowers in place around the lighter blue flowers.
  14. Accent with two Starfish. Add little shells where you like, hot gluing in place.
  15. Starting at the top middle of the wreath hot glue the cording. Wrap the cording around the side of the wreath hot gluing a loose knot in the middle of each blue yarn section.
  16. When completely going around the wreath, wrap the cording around the wreath, looping at the top, and knotting in the top front. Hot glue in place and trim excess.

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