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Nautical Wrapped Cylinder


  • Clear Glass Cylinder -5 x 8 inches
  • Sand
  • Decorative Fabric – 8 x 17 inches
  • Cording – 6 yards
  • Hot Glue
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Candle
  • Starfish – small
  • Shell – colorful
  • Green Moss Look Floral Wire
  • Mod Podge™
  • Acrylic Paint – red and orange red

  1. Clean glass cylinder.
  2. Cut decorative fabric to above measurements.
  3. Fold fabric in half and press with iron.
  4. Open fabric up and place double-sided tape under fold line. Also, add double sided tape to both sides. Fold top down and press with hand into place.
  5. Turn up bottom edge ½ inch and secure with double sided tape.
  6. This fabric can be added to the inside of the cylinder or the outside of the cylinder.
  7. Secure with either double - sided tape or hot glue.
  8. Wrap cylinder with cording from the bottom up securing in place with hot glue.
  9. Fill ½ of the sand in the cylinder. Place candle in center of sand and continue filling.
  10. To make the coral, cut a piece of wire 10 ½ inches long. Now, cut 14 – 16 pieces of wire in various sizes ranging from 1 ½ inches long to 3 inches long.
  11. Wrap the ends of the various smaller pieces around the 10 ½ inch base. Hot glue at joints. Let cool.
  12. Paint entire wire sculpture with Mod Podge™. While wet, roll in sand. Let dry.
  13. Paint sculpture with acrylic paints. Dab both red and orange paints to show highlights letting a small amount of dark base show through. Let dry.
  14. Embellish the inside of the cylinder with the shells. Bend the end of the coral and stick in sand and bend around candle to create a natural look.

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