Mummy Jar Centerpiece


  • Wide Mouth Canning Jar
  • Cardstock Black, Green, Purple, Orange
  • White Felt
  • Colored Googly Eyes
  • Paper Straws
  • Green Mesh Tubing
  • Markers Purple, Green, Orange
  • Adhesive

  1. Cut a strip of black cardstock 2" x6". Adhere to center front of jar.
  2. Cut 1-1/2" strips of felt. Wrap around jar, adhering ends and leaving part of cardstock strip showing.
  3. Attach googly eyes on black cardstock.
  4. Print out spooky words on printer paper. Tear into strips and color edges with markers.
  5. Cut pennants from colored cardstock. Wrap around straws and attach spooky words.
  6. Fill jar with mesh tubing. Insert straws.