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Mother's Day Dress Card

Create your very own Mother's Day Gift Card with our free diy how-to project from Beverly's!

Beverly's shows you HOW-TO: Mother's Day Card

Make your mom this adorable card this Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Card Materials:

Card and Envelope Gathered Lace or Eyelet Trim 18 Gauge Wire Flat Backed Pearls Printed Scrapbook Paper Template (at bottom of how to PDF) Stick on Letters Adhesive

Mother's Day Card Instructions

: Cut 7" piece of wire. Bend to make hanger shape. Twist ends and make fishhook loop at end. Cut out dress bodice from printed paper. Adhere pearls. Adhere to card over top of hanger to keep hanger attached. Cut lace or trim at graduated lengths and attach in layers to card. Embellish with stick on letters. Finish with a special hand-written message inside.

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