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Moda Marbles - Nutmeg

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Moda Marbles cotton quilting fabric in Nutmeg.

About this print: This is yet another exceptional cotton Marble print from Moda Fabrics.  This Nutmeg is delicious light tan brown hue; one that will come through in any quilting project when you need it the most. Use this print in a wide collection of quilting, sewing schemes, and home décor projects; from a comfy quilt to a chic wall hanging, this Moda Marble print will never let you down!

About this collection: Moda Marbles is a collection with a fantastic reliable reputation, making it a must have for any quilter; from amateurs to professionals, Moda Marbles will supply you all the way through a plentiful amount of quilts and other sewing projects. One of the essential ideas that the Moda Marbles revolves around is achieving that ideal shade that can sometimes seem impossible to find. From browns and blues to reds and greens, these cotton prints are dyeing to work their way into your next quilting project. The outline of these cotton prints is rendered in a rich, textural, marble-like pattern that is to the uppermost degree value and maintains a sense of reliability and timelessness. On top of its wide variety of hues, these cotton prints are all on Moda’s fine quality fabric; reliable cotton that has served quilters for years, and will continue to serve those across the globe for years to come.


SKU : 75210655576
Material : Cotton
Content : 100% cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 44/45
UPC : 752106555761
Manufacturer Number : 9881-21
Condition : New
Color : Brown
Manufacturer : Moda