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Mini Grad Cap And Candy Lei

Create a Mini Grad Cap and Candy Lei for your special graduate this year with this free diy how-to project from Beverly's!

Beverly's shows you How To: Mini Grad Cap And Candy Lei

Mini Grad Cap Headband Materials:

Chipboard Square, 4x4 Felt (use black or school colors) Embroidery Floss (use gold or school colors) Black Button Small Paper Mache Round Box Headband Black Satin Ribbon Fabri-Tac Glue

Mini Grad Cap Headband Instructions:

1. Cover Headband with ribbon. 2. Cover outside of box and both sides of chipboard with black felt. 3. Glue Round box to bottom of felt covered square. 4. Cover button with circle of felt. 5. Make tassel and attach to button. 6. Attach graduation cap at angle to headband.

Candy Lei Materials:

cellophane roll curling ribbon assorted candy adhesive of your choice scissors

Candy Lei Instructions:

1. Cut a 6 inch wide by the length of your choice (3-4ft recommended) 2. Adhere ends together to create a tube 3. Tie a 6" curling ribbon piece to one end 4. Fill tube with small amounts of candy, tie off with another 6" piece of curling ribbon, repeat till you reach the other end 5. Tie both ends together with curling ribbon and curl all pieces of curling ribbon

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