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Medium Yarn

Looking to add a subtle heft to the fabric of your upcoming knit or crochet project without making it too thick or heavy? Stock up on medium weight material at Beverly’s online fabric store, your resource for discount fabric and yarn supplies. We carry a massive selection of medium weight yarns composed from a variety of different textiles ranging from wool and cotton to nylon and acrylic. Medium weight yarn has a vast range of applications, including apparel pieces such as headbands, scarves, mittens, beanies and sweaters. Fabrics and cloth items for home interior décor, like placemats, kitchen accessories and other textile crafts are also achievable with medium weight yarn materials. Choose from a broad selection of popular brands such as Bernat, Lion Brand, TLC, Sugar N’ Cream and countless others when adding a few skeins of medium weight yarn to your collection! Shop Beverly’s selection of yarn today for the latest addition to your fabric stash.