Mardi Gras Mask

Make an incredible Mardi Gras mask for "Fat Tuesday" with this free diy how-to project from Beverly's!

Mardi Gras Mask Materials:

Full Face Mask, White Acrylic Paint in Metallic Gold and Royal Purple Stickles Glitter Glue in Purple Zva Rhinestone Lines, Purple Zva Rhinestone Flourish, Green Feathers, Mardi Gras Pack One Large Purple Rhinestone Gold Trim Hot Glue Gun

Mardi Gras Mask Instructions:

1) Remove elastic strap from mask (it will slide out easily and can be repositioned after painting. | 2) Paint the mask with two coats of metallic gold paint. Allow to dry completely. 3) Use a pencil and ruler to draw diamonds around eyes and to define lip area. Paint diamonds & lips with royal purple acrylic paint. Allow to dry completely. 4) Brush Stickles glitter glue over eye & lip areas. Allow to dry (you can use a blow dryer held at least 12" from the project to speed the process. Don't hold it too close or your glue will bubble). 5) Outline eyes with purple rhinestone lines. Press firmly to ad here. 6) Adhere rhinestone flourish to forehead. Press firmly to adhere. 7) Attach one large purple rhinestone to chin. Press firmly to adhere. 8) Adhere small purple rhinestones at corners of mouth. Press firmly to adhere. 9) Reattach elastic strap to mask. 10) Use glue gun to attach feathers around top of mask, mimicking hair. Start at the ear line and go up to an imaginary "part" then start at opposite earline, work your way back up again. 11) Glue three or four feathers upright behind the "part". 12) Loop gold trim in a figure eight shape and glue on where feathers meet at top. Adhere the large rhinestone on top of the trim. 13) Glue trim around chin of mask, from ear to ear.