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Moda Marbles - Brick Red

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Moda Marbles cotton quilting fabric in Brick Red.

About This Print: This is just one more of the impressive 100% cotton Marble print from Moda Fabrics. This Brick Red is designed in a fashionable vivid deep burgundy red hue marble. Moda Marbles fabrics can be used for a collection of craft projects such as making beautiful quilts, sewing schemes, and home décor themes. You can even create amazing garments, pillowcases and elegant wall hanging decorations. With Moda Marbles prints the possibilities are endless!

About this collection: Moda Marbles is an outstanding collection with a wonderful compact reputation, making it the ideal choice for any quilter, whether you are an amateur or an expert. Moda Marbles will supply you with a superfluous of fabrics for all your quilts and sewing schemes. One of the main principles that Moda Marbles revolves around is achieving the exact shade that sometimes seem impossible to manage. Choose from a range of colors from blacks and oranges to purples and yellows to create your next quilting project. The outline of these 100% cotton prints is rendered in a rich, textural, marble-like pattern that is tremendously trendy and maintains a sense of timelessness and steadfastness.  Moda Marbles brings out the finest quality cotton prints, from its deep and spirited shades to exquisite cotton textures that has been serving and continue to provide quality fabrics to its quilters for years to come.  


SKU : 45060400656
Material : Cotton
Content : 100% cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 44
Manufacturer Number : 9881 13
Condition : New
Color : Red
Manufacturer : Moda