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Make A Castle


  • Small Round Box
  • Paper rolls made from cardstock
  • Colored Card Stock
  • Thin Wooden Dowel
  • Washi™ Tape
  • Double-Sided tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Rhinestones
  • Foam Tape Squares
  • Black Sharpie™ Pen

  1. Take Lid off Box and turn upside down.
  2. Hot Glue lid to rim of open Box
  3. Cut circle from paper and stick to inside of open lid
  4. Cut two Paper rolls ˝ inch longer that Box and lid.
  5. Wrap both of those rolls with Colored Card Stock and adhear with Double-Sided tape.
  6. Cut two circles from Card Stock twice the size of the Paper Rolls.
  7. Lay the circles flat and cut ˝ way from the edge of paper to the middle. Put Double-Sided Tape on the top of one cut edge and roll to create a small cone. Put a small amount of Tape on the inside, and tape that flap down.
  8. Turn the cone upside down and put a ring of Hot Glue around the top edge of the Paper Roll. Stick that glued edge into the upside down cone and then turn up, and adjust to dry. Repeat on the next cone. Cut a small hole, approximately 1/8 inch off the top to insert flag later.
  9. Cut a 1 inch strip from Card stock. Make sure that you have enough paper strip to wrap around the top rim of the Box. You may need to cut two strips and attach. Now, cut small lines almost half way down on the backside of the strip about ˝ inches apart across the strip. Fold every other strip down to create a roofline for the Castle. Using Double-Sided Tape, adhear to rim of Box.
  10. Put two Foam Tape Squares on the right side of one Cone, and 2 on the left side of the other Cone. Peal off the outer paper and stick each cone to the Box.
  11. Use Double-sided tape and stick small windows onto the walls of the Castle.
  12. Cut another Paper Roll for the top of the Castle and follow the directions above. Use contrasting colors on this Roll.
  13. Use a thin Wooden Dowel and cut into 3 pieces.
  14. Wrap a piece of Washi™ Tape around all 3 Dowels near the top. On the middle Dowel, wrap an additional contrasting Tape.
  15. Cut all 3 Washi™ tapes in a Chevron on the ends.
  16. On the middle Dowel, with 2 Tapes, add a star Rhinestone on both the front and back with Hot Glue.
  17. Insert the Dowels into the top small holes of each roof.
  18. Secure with Hot Glue.
  19. Add Small details….Rhinestones, doors, etc.

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