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Lollipop Princess Tiara

Create your own Lollipop Princess Tiara with this free how-to series from Beverly's! Materials Gold Glitter Fun Foam Chenille Stems (White and Bright Colors) Ribbon Elastic Thread Hole punch Glue

Instructions: Cut a strip of fun foam 2 1/2" x 8". Use scissors to reverse scallop the edge like a crown with four points. Glue short sides together to make mini tiara Twist a white chenille stem with a colorful chenille stem. Coil the twisted stems to create the lollipop, tucking the end in on itself to secure. Repeat to make four lollipops Adhere the lollipops to the crown points Tie mini bows and adhere under lollipops Punch holes both sides of crown. Attach elastic thread to make loop for wearing