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Light Yarn

When you are about to embark on a knit or crochet project that requires a refined, delicate look, a heavy yarn with a lot of bulk just won’t cut it. That’s why Beverly’s online fabric store, your place for discount fabric and more, stocks a variety of fine, light yarn. These materials are perfectly suited for soft, lightweight projects that must be well-ventilated, such as baby blankets, baby apparel, layettes, or cloth crafts that require double-knitting. Though the composition of the textiles in this category varies widely, most of the material consists of acrylic, nylon and cotton blends. Because of the delicate nature of most of these fabrics, many light pastel color schemes and neutral hues are present—perfect for decorating a newborn’s room or an understated textile craft. Choose from various brands including Kertzer, Red Heart, TLC and more! A few skeins of this light yarn will complete your fabric stash.