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Leprechaun Trap

Create a cute Leprechaun Trap for St. Patrick's Day with this free diy how-to project from Beverly's!

Leprechaun Trap Materials:

Lidded Paper Mache Cylinder, 6"Tall 2 Sheets Bright Green Felt 1 Sheet Black Felt 1 Fun Foam Sheet, Gold Glitter 7 Wood Craft Picks (2 1/2") 1 Wooden Dowel (1/16") 3 Golden Coins Fabri-Tac Glue Hot Glue Gun 1 sheet 12x12 chipboard

Leprechaun Trap Instructions:

1) Cut a circular piece of chipboard to 7" in diameter. Trace the circle onto a sheet of green felt and cut out. 2) Attach felt circle to chipboard circle using Fabri-Tac. 3) Trace the bottom of the paper mache cylinder on another piece of green felt. Cut out the felt and adhere to the bottom of the box. 4) Cover the sides of the paper mache cylinder with green felt, using Fabri-tac glue. Leave the area where the cylinder fits into the lid uncovered. 5) Create the hatband: -Cut piece of black felt 2"x12". -Cut black felt rectangle 2"x1 1/2" -Cut gold foam rectangle 2 1/2"x3". Attach the black felt rectangle to the center of the gold foam rectangle. Attach the long black felt strip to the lid of the paper mache cylinder. Cover the gap with the gold foam rectangle to create the hatband. 6) Attach lid to top of felt covered chipboard circle. Insert the cylinder into the lid, bottom side up. You now have a leprechaun hat. 7) Use a craft knife to cut a trap door in top of hat. Leave the door attached by cutting two 2" slits lengthwise and a 1 1/2" slit widthwise to make the door. Cut one wooden craft pick in half and glue it to both sides of the trap door to prop it up. 8) Glue three gold coins at the base of the door for "bait." 9) To make the ladder, cut the remaining craft picks in half. Cut two 7 inch pieces of the 1/16" dowel. Using hot glue, attach the craft picks at about W intervals to the two dowel pieces to make the ladder. Attach the top of the ladder to the top of the hat.

Now catch yourself a leprechaun! Good Luck!