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Floating Water Lilies Large Fuchsia 6 inch Flower

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The Flower is 6" in diameter. Measures 7" diameter including the lily pad leaf. Measures 3" tall. The foam pad, underneath the water lily, measures 3-1/2" 3-1/2". This can easily be removed if you do not want to float your water lily. Beautifully crafted with poly-silks no plastic. They really float. This is a wonderful floating water lily with one flower. Use it to decorate any fountain, water display or place in large vase for a centerpiece with battery operated floating lily lights. Slip a submersible floralyte in the bottom of the bowl to add more color. If using a clear glass bowl -Fill the bowl with holographic crystal fiber for more effect.


SKU : 03384946770
UPC : 033849467703
Manufacturer Number : AAF393-FU
Condition : New
Color : Pink
Manufacturer : Allstate Floral and Craft