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Lamp Shade Decorating

You can update an old lamp shade with this Lamp Shade Decorating how to from Beverly's!

Materials: -2” wide ribbon -¾” wide ribbon -Hot glue gun -Fabric scraps


1. Use 2” wide ribbon & wrap it around center of lamp shade. Leave ½” overlap and cut off extra. 2. Cut the same length in the ¾” ribbon. 3. Glue the ¾” ribbon in the middle of of the 2” ribbon, let dry. 4. Glue the ribbon around the lamp. 5. From your fabric scrap cut a 1” circle, with the rest of the fabric cut a 1” wide by ½ yard long strip. 6. Lay the 1” circle down and dab a dot of glue on the edge. Take 1 end of the fabric and stick it to the circle. Pinch the bottom edge of the fabric and glue it to the circle. Keep gluing fabric around and around, till you get to center to create a fabric flower. 7. Take a scrap of the 3/4 “ wide ribbon and tie a knot, and two more knots on top to create a knotted ball. Leave ½” and cut off the extra. 8. Glue the knot to the middle of the flower. 9. Glue the flower over the joining ends of the ribbon to cover up the seam.

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