> > > Kitchen Gift Set and Hot Pad Oven Mitties w/ Video

Kitchen Gift Set and Hot Pad Oven Mitties w/ Video


  • 1/4 yd of Warm and Natural Cotton Batting (WN)
  • 1/4 yd of Therma Flec heat resistant fabric (TF)
  • 1/4 yd of printed fabric (P)
  • 3/4 yd of second print for lining and bias binding (L)
  • Medium and Jumbo Rick Rack
  • Coordinating thread and sewing machine
  • Adult and Child's Apron
  • Heat n' Bond Fusible Web (FW)
  • Iron

Oven Mittie Directions:

  1. Print pattern, cut 1 of A & 2 of B from all 4 fabrics. Pin four pieces of A together in the following order: P (right side up), TF with right side against wrong side of P, then WN and wrong side of L. You'll have a sandwich with right sides showing on each side. Repeat with remaining pieces.
  2. Stitch a basting stitch around all 3 "ťsandwiches"Ł.
  3. Make bias binding from (L) by cutting 1-1/2" wide strips on the bias. Stitch strips together so you have about 2 1/4 yards of binding to make 2 mitties.
  4. Referring to the pattern sew binding along the BB edge of each of the B sandwiches. Trim excess binding.
  5. Now put all sandwiches together, baste, pin binding in place and stitch. When you are almost around to your starting point, stop, cut binding so it will extend about 1"Ł beyond your starting point and fold under raw edge about 1/2"Ł, overlap beginning and finish stitching.
  6. Repeat all steps to make second oven mittie.

Apron Directions:

  1. Trace cherry (or predominant shape from your fabric) onto paper and enlarge on copy machine to desired sizes.
  2. Trace enlarged print onto FW using tracing table or window. Iron FW onto desired fabric following directions with FW. Cut out shape and iron onto aprons following directions with FW.
  3. Sew Rick Rack to top edge of aprons and pockets by hand.
  4. Pin and sew bias binding to bottom edge of adult apron and trim excess (adult=4-1/2 yards./child=2-1/2yds. of binding).
  5. Starting at the end of one tie pin binding (start binding so it extends about 2"Ł beyond the tie) to the tie and continue all the way around the neck piece and to the end of the tie on the other side (extending about 2"Ł beyond the tie). Stitch in place, trim and tie a knot in both ends.

Cup Hugger Directions:

  1. Using pattern cut one sleeve each from P, L and TF
  2. Baste TF to P (right side of TF should be closest to the heat source).
  3. If using trim attach now by first stitching a 1/8"Ł guideline along bottom edge of P. Continue by pinning trim to the right side of the sleeve using guideline to position trim. Remember that trim should lie on the sleeve so that edge will be caught in the seam. Baste in place.
  4. With right sides facing, pin P & L together. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, stitch along both long sides of sleeve, turn & press.
  5. Pin short ends of P (wrong sides together) being sure to separate from L and extend far enough to include trim. This part can be tedious but will give a great finished look) Stitch in place.
  6. Push seams to the inside of sleeve and fold one side of L raw edge under 1/4" and pin on top of other raw edge of L so all raw edges are enclosed; press and whipstitch in place.