Joyful Spool Ornament


  • Shape Studio™ Punches
  • Shape Studio™ Bubble Caps
  • Small Wooden Spools
  • Decorative Papers
  • Thickers or Sticker Letters
  • Baker's Twine
  • Hot Glue
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Red Sharpie™ Pen

  1. Using the Sharpie™ pen, color the top and bottom edge of the spool. Let dry.
  2. Use double-sided tape and wrap around the body of the spool.
  3. Cut paper to fit around the spool and extend 3 inches to the right.
  4. Using the decorative papers and bubble caps, follow directions on the Shape Studio™ punch and make 4 decorative cap designs. Make 2 large, and 2 small.
  5. Apply double-sided tape to the top and bottom of the spool. Peel off top paper and stick a large cap design to both the top and bottom of the spool.
  6. Cut a piece of baker's twine approximately 10 inches long. Knot both ends and trim close to the knot.
  7. Using double sided tape, secure the knots under the top cap, or if only choosing to use the larger single cap, under it. Now, hot glue the cap to the top of the first cap.
  8. Use the lettering of your choice and spell out, JOY or another holiday greeting. Stick the lettering to the strip that has extended from the spool.
  9. Cut the ends of the strip in a chevron design.