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Jewelry Displayer


  • 12 inch x 12 inch Wooden Board
  • 12 inch x 12 inch Batting
  • 16 inch x 16 inch Burlap
  • 2 pieces of Black Felt
  • Fabric Tac Glue
  • 12 15 mm small Gold Brads
  • 3 inch Cup Hooks
  • Baby Rick Rack
  • 18 inches - 1 inch black Ribbon
  • 8 inches - inch wide black Ribbon
  • Alcohol Ink Espresso/ applicator

  1. Apply Alcohol Ink to Brads and Cup Hooks and let dry.
  2. Lay Burlap on top of Batting.
  3. Tie knots inch from both ends in inch wide ribbons.
  4. Cut 3 banners from felt 1 inch wide x 4 inches long.
  5. Fold over top of inch ribbon and glue with Fabric Tac Glue.
  6. Insert Brads into both ends and attach 1 inches from the top left side of Burlap and batting.
  7. inch from bottom of Banners, insert end brad of Rick Rack. Secure with Brad, and attach. Repeat with second Rick Rack, and attach 2 inches under other Rick Rack.
  8. Attach Burlap and batting with banners and Rick Rack attached to board gluing in place with Fabric Tac Glue.
  9. Screw in 3 cup hooks in top right corner.
  10. Cover back side with Black Felt, cutting off one inch prior to gluing in place.
  11. Attach 1 inch Ribbon to back for hanging.

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