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Waffle Cloth from James Thompson and Co. Inc. - Cream

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Cotton waffle cloth in cream from James Thompson Inc.

About this Fabric: Waffle Cloth is a uniquely textural woven fabric that has a square pattern. It is woven in a way that it creates a recessed square pattern that greatly resembles the classic breakfast item, the waffle. And due to the unique way this cloth is woven this fabric tends to shrink a significant amount. So it is recommended that it should be washed before you start any project. But this weave also allows this fabric to absorb a considerable amount of liquids. This makes it ideal for creating durable and absorbent hand towels and robes that have that polished and luxurious spa retreat look and feel to them. And since this cloth is made with 100% cotton it becomes softer after washing, making it perfect for summery bathrobes. Even thought it is most commonly used for dish and hand towels, this durable but unique fabric can be used in a wide variety of projects. Create playful distinctive plush toys that will be treasured for years. You can also use this fabric to give simple tote and bag patterns a little more character with out too much trouble. This particular waffle cloth comes in a yellow cream color.


SKU : 45000004254
Material : Cotton
Content : 100% cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 44/45
UPC : 084132410630
Manufacturer Number : 241063
Condition : New
Color : Cream
Manufacturer : James Thompson And Co.