> Duck Cloth 9-10 oz. from James Thompson and Co. Inc. - Grey

Duck Cloth 9-10 oz. from James Thompson and Co. Inc. - Grey

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Cotton duck canvas in Grey from James Thompson & Co.

This canvas is 9 to 10oz.

Use this canvas in a wide array of apparel projects; suited to creating pants, button-up shirts, and coveralls.

Also great for kitchen items including, place mats, tablecloths, napkins, and an apron or two

James Thompson Duck Canvas: Canvas duck, sometimes called cotton duck, duck, duck cloth or duck canvas, is a heavy weight plain woven fabric. The primary reason they call duck canvas duck is that it derived from the Dutch word doek; which means “linen canvas.” They created this name to differentiate canvas made out of other fibers from traditional canvas; which have been typically made from hemp. This duck canvas is woven with heavy weight threads and two warp threads so give reinforced strength A great heavy weight canvas which has a large amount of home decor uses; a great sturdy fabric which you can use to cover furniture, make accent pillows, cushions for dining-room chairs or window seats. This canvas is also great for stenciling, painting, silk-screening; which makes it easy to create one of a kind totes and bags. This canvas is in a soft shad of Stone Grey.


SKU : 08413221774
Material : Canvas
Content : 100% Cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 58/60
UPC : 084132217741
Manufacturer Number : 121774
Condition : New
Color : Grey
Manufacturer : James Thompson And Co.