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Dritz Iron-On Mending Fabric 3 x 8in - Dark Assortment

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Iron-On Mending Fabric assorted package from Dritz.

•3 Pieces

• 1 Navy                    • 1 Brown                     • 1 Black

• 3in. x 8in.

• Washable & Cleanable

About Iron-on Mending Fabric: This package of mending fabric has 3, 3in by 8in. pieces, in Navy, Brown, and Black. Each piece is backed with an iron-on adhesive for easy application. These iron-on patches are great for mending or repairing; holes, tears, and worn out areas of clothing and other items that can withstand high ironing temperatures. Make sure to check fiber content of item needing to be repaired, it must be able to withstand the cotton heat setting of iron, for proper application of patch.


SKU : 07287915009
UPC : 072879150094
Manufacturer Number : D55120-70
Condition : New
Color : Multi
Manufacturer : Dritz
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