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Inspiration Cotton Fabric - Star of David - Blue

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Inspirations Cotton Fabric in Star of David Blue from Windham Fabrics

Inspirations in Star of David Blue: This outstanding new print from within Windham Fabrics’ Inspirations collection showcases a dazzling display of Star of David designs in varying sizes and styles, spanning a stylishly splotchy blue background. This beautifully inspirational 100% cotton print is ideal for crafting a truly special and uplifting handmade gift! Order a yard or two online today and get crafty!

Inspirations: Inspirations is a fantastic new variety of religious themed fabric patterns and prints offered by Windham fabrics. This collection includes crosses, Stars of David, majestic doves and a myriad of other inspirational imagery, all printed on Windham Fabrics’ finest quality 100% cotton! Whatever the project may be, it’s safe to say that these phenomenal prints' remarkably soft and dependable cotton hands will aide you faithfully through and through! To sum things up, Windham Fabrics’ Inspirations collection is yet another superb selection of high quality discount fabric patterns and prints that we here at Beverly’s online fabric store are simply delighted to provide to you at an affordable price! Order a few yards online today and craft ‘til your heart’s content!


SKU : 45072301005
Content : 100% cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 44
Manufacturer Number : #33431-3
Condition : New
Color : Blue
Manufacturer : Baum Textile Mills
Brand : Windham Fabrics