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Holiday Organizer Notebook


  • SPC Notebook
  • Decorative Cardstock
  • Decorative Ribbon
  • Colored Envelopes
  • Thickers™ Lettering
  • Washi Tape
  • Rhinestones
  • Hot Glue
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Organizing Form/Print Out – Included

Project Downloads
  1. Using decorative papers, cover notebook. Cover the front and back with the same paper. Cover the spine with a contrasting paper.
  2. Layer decorative papers as desired. Using double-sided tape, secure to cover of notebook.
  3. Using Thickers™ lettering, personalize your book. We included Christmas, the year and the family name.
  4. Cut two pieces of ½ inch decorative ribbon to 3-1/2” in length. Connect the two pieces with the wrong sides together, using double-sided tape.
  5. Tuck the ribbond under one of your layered papers on the front cover.
  6. Wrap a pen with washi tape and slip in the loop on the front of the book.
  7. Using rhinestones and decorative cardstock, create holly leaves and berries to place under the name. Only attach one half of the leaf to the paper to give it a 3-D effect.
  8. Cut two 12 inch pieces of decorative ribbon to use as a tie at the opening of the notebook.
  9. Using double-sided tape, stick the ribbon to the inside middle of the both the front and back cover.
  10. Cover both the inside front and back of notebook, covering the ribbons that were just added. Use any combination of papers that you like.
  11. Using double-sided tape, stick an envelope to the front inside cover. Then, stick one to the back inside cover.
  12. Embellish the envelopes with washi tape.
  13. Add the label for “Coupons” to the front envelope and the label for “Receipts” to the back envelope.
  14. Using double-sided tape, stick the large label for “Holiday Budget” inside the first page of your book.
  15. Giving yourself enough blank pages between your labels, add the rest of the labels using double-sided tape.