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Holiday Cupcake Tower

Create a cupcake tower for the holidays with this free diy how-to from Beverly's!

Holiday Cupcake Tower Materials:

3 Square Glass Plates: 6", 8"&10" 2 Square Glass Vases: 4" Cubes Mini Pompom Trim, or trim of your choice Filler for Vases (we used peppermints) Double StickTape Glass Adhesive (optional, only if you want the stand to be permanent)

Holiday Cupcake Tower Instructions:

1. Edge all three plates with mini pompom trim or trim of your choice. If you are making a permanent stand, use glue; for a temporary stand, used extra strong double stick tape 2. Fill glass cubes with desired filler 3. Stack one cube vase on top of 10"square plate. If a permanent stand, use glass adhesive on the bottom of the cube. If temporary, just stack carefully in the center of the plate. Repeat for 8" plate and 6" plate. 4. Fill with cupcakes and enjoy!

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