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Holiday Clear Glass Ornaments


  • Clear glass ornaments
  • A cup or less of snow
  • 24" of red wire 20 gauge
  • 2 red pom-poms
  • Orange Sculpey (for nose)
  • Pink Scribbles 3D paint
  • Black Sharpie fine tip marker
  • E6000 glue or hot glue for earmuffs
  • Clear glass ornament
  • Adhesive crystals
  • Glue dots
  • Scalloped circle punch
  • Tissue paper

Snowman Directions:

  1. Remove top of ornament and use paper cone to fill with "snow"then replace top.
  2. Wrap wire around a pencil to form coil. Gently twist off then stretch & bend to form the shape for earmuffs and adjust to the curve of the clear glass ornament. (Each end of wire needs to be straightened for 1/4" to glue to glass ball.)
  3. At ear height put a dab of hot glue, lay end of flat wire on glue and secure in place with pom pom on top. Repeat for second ear. Hold both pom poms in place till dry.
  4. Draw on mouth with marker, and glue on eyes.
  5. Form carrot nose from sculpey. Use thumbnail to make small indentations along the "carrot" glue in place.
  6. Paint cheeks last and hang to dry.

Clear Glitzy Ball Directions:

  1. Stack 4 pieces of tissue paper on top of a piece of scrap paper and punch thru all 5 layers. Toss scrap paper.
  2. Find center of one circle, gently form cone shape and twist slowly. Put tiny glue dot on the tip and place in the center of another circle, gently twist into cone shape and repeat with all tissue circles. Set flower embellishment aside.
  3. Peel and stick decorative crystals to clear glass ornament.
  4. Use several glue dots to adhere flower embellishment to top of glass ornament.

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