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Holiday Beaded Ornaments


  • Gold tinsel chenille stem
  • 18 clear tri-beads
  • Green ribbon (10")
  • 16 red tri-beads
  • Gold tinsel chenille stem
  • Red ribbon (10")
  • 10 red tri-beads
  • 40 green tri-beads
  • Silver tinsel chenille stem
  • 6mm faceted crystal beads (FB) (24)
  • 18mm starflake crystal beads (LSB) (12)
  • Needle nose pliers - optional
  • Cieartri-beads(TB)(6)
  • 12mm starflake crystal beads (SB) (6)
  • Wire cutters or old scissors
  • White ribbon (10")

Candy Cane Directions

  1. On chenille stem string 2 clear, 2 red, 2 clear, 2 red beads until you have all 34 beads strung.
  2. At each end bend chenille stem back 1/4" so beads won't come off. Count 23 beads and push to one end and the other 11 to the other end.
  3. Bend middle of chenille stem section together till beads are touching.Twist to form a loop for hanger and bend beads to form candy cane.
  4. Tie on green bow as seen in picture.

Wreath Directions

  1. On chenille stem string 4 green, 1 red, 4 green, 1 red bead until you have all 50 beads strung.
  2. Push beads to center ofGTand overlap ends of chenille stem 1/2" and twist each short piece to the longer one and form a smooth connection.
  3. Slide beads back till the joint is covered, bend chenille stem till beads connect & form a circle.
  4. Twist excess chenille stem to make a loop hanger.
  5. Tie on red bow.

Beaded Snowflake Directions

  1. Cut chenille stem into 3 -4" pieces.
  2. Twist 2 to make an "x", then twist another in middle so you have 6 spokes for the snowflake.
  3. On each spoke put: -1 FB -SB -1 FB -2 LSB -1 FB -1TB -1FB
  4. Each spoke will have a little chenille stem extending; carefully bend the end to "close"the spoke and keep beads in place. Needle nose pliers work well for this step.
  5. Find center of ribbon, tie around last FB on one spoke. Tie ends together to form loop hanger.

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