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Hoffman Bali Snaps Batik Fabric Squares - Rum Raisin

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Hoffman Bali Snaps Batik Fabric Squares in Rum Raisin

Each pack features 40 exceptional batik prints

Every pre-cut square measures 5 X 5 inches

Rum Raisin: This Bali Snaps color scheme exhibits a collection of absolutely stylish hues; a bright and exciting selection of purples and greens can be found in Rum Raisin. These Bali Snap fabric squares are fantastic for piecing together quilt projects with ease; if you have them as a go-to source for coordinating or employ them as the starting point for your next sewing project; this Hoffman batik pack is bound to work miracles.

Bali Snaps: Hoffman Fabrics new Bali Snaps Bundles are a great starting point the next project. Every Hoffman Bali Snaps collection consists of 40 small squares that measure 5 X 5 inches and contain an alluring collection of Bali batik patterns. Each Bali Snaps pack is named in special "flavored" titles, creating an delicious appeal. Overall, our online fabric store is proud to provide Hoffman Fabric's first-rate Bali Snaps at our online fabric store.


Batik fabrics made by artisans in Bali, Indonesia, where teh factory uses a modern water-treatment system that filters and cleanse rinse-water to return clear to the environment.

SKU : 45000002079
Content : 100% Cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 5
Manufacturer Number : #BS-515-Rum Raisin
Condition : New
Color : Multi
Manufacturer : Hoffman Fabrics
Brand : Aunt Lydia's
Product Line : Bali Snaps