> > > > > Harem Cloth from James Thompson and Co. Inc. - Bleached White

Harem Cloth from James Thompson and Co. Inc. - Bleached White

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Waffle Cloth Cotton Fabric in Sage from James Thompson & Co. Inc.

About This Fabric: This waffle cloth from James Thompson & Co. inc. is in a modest sage green hue, and endures a unique weave that affords in a repeated pattern of raised squares that closely resemble the fabrics’ namesake, and everybody’s favorite breakfast treat, the waffle! James Thompsons’ Waffle weave allows for considerable shrink-ability, so it is highly advised that you pre-wash this fabric before beginning on any creative project. This highly functional waffle cloth is woven out of the finest 100% cotton, an extraordinarily smooth and elegant material that has been trusted by artisans since the beginning of time for it’s all around excellent quality and utility. Utilize this unique waffle cloth as a handy cleaning rag, or craft it into a warm and snuggly bathrobe, with this fabric the possibilities are virtually limitless! All in all, James Thompson & Co. Inc.’s waffle cloth is a fabulous and functional fabric that is sure to meet and satisfy all of your crafting needs, and we here at Beverly’s online fabric store are absolutely delighted to supply it to you at an affordable discount price! Order a few yards today and get crafty!


SKU : 08413241080
Material : Cotton
Content : 100% cotton cheesecloth
Fabric Width (inches) : 56
UPC : 084132410807
Manufacturer Number : 241080
Condition : New
Color : White
Manufacturer : James Thompson And Co.