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Halloween Glinda The Good Witch Costume

Create your own Glinda The Good Witch Halloween costume with this free how-to from Beverly's!

Glinda's Skirt Choose Pink or Peach tulle by the yard. The yardage you will need varies depending on one's size (you will need a lot of yardage if you are making a long skirt. You can make a shorter version of the skirt using less material.) Begin cutting strips of tulle a little longer than the desired length you want your skirt to be. Next begin to tie these strips an inch down on the elastic band. Continue tying strips and sliding over to keep the tulle tight together. The closer the strips are tied together on the band will make a fuller skirt. Once you fill the band and it fits around your waist, secure skirt band together with some strong safety pins and slip on - adorn with ribbons. Glinda's puff sleeves: Cut six strips of tulle. Bundle three together and safety pin ends together. Fluff up the pieces and slide up to shoulder to make sure it fits on your arm. Make another one for the other arm. Glinda'sWand: You will need to purchase ballerina slippers (or glitter up your own pair of flats), a pink leotard and Glenda's crown to finish the ensemble.

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