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Halloween Glass Ornaments

Create your own spooky and glitzy glass halloween ornaments with this free how-to from Beverly's!

Marbled Clear Glass Ball: Acrylic Paint (black and orange) 1. Pour 6-8 stripes of colored paint into ball, alternating colors. 2. Cover opening and shake until coated. Let dry. Glitzy Clear Glass Ball: Acrylic Paint Adhesive Crystals Ribbon 1. Pour paint into ball, cover opening & shake to coat, let dry. 2. Attach adhesive crystals, embellish with ribbon. Pumpkin & Cat Clear Glass Balls: Acrylic Paint BlackWire Felt (pinkand black) Craft Foam (Glitter gold) Craft Glue (Beacon's 3-in-1) 1. Pour paint into ball, cover opening & shake to coat, let dry. 2. Cut felt and glitter foam pieces (eyes & ears for cat or eyes, nose & mouth for pumpkin) 3. Cut 2 wires (5"and 6" long) twist into whiskers. 4. Attach all pieces with craft glue. Mummy and Ghost Clear Glass Balls: Cheesecloth Wiggle eyes or black felt Stiffy Fabric Stiffener 1. Pour Stiffy into small container. 2. For mummy: glue eyes in place and cut 2" strips of cheesecloth, dip cloth into Stiffy, wring out and wrap mummy. Continue until ball is completely covered with eyes peeking out. 3. For ghost: Set ornament on area covered with plastic, cut 8 pieces of cloth that are 8"squares. Cut slit in center of each piece, dip each into Stiffy, wring out, open each piece and drapeslitover hanger and spread cheesecloth out. Repeat with each piece of cheesecloth then hold ornament and hang from cord till dry. (Cheesecloth will drape down when picked up) 4. Cut eyes from felt and glue in place.

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