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Gumdrop Snowman

Create your own Gumdrop Snowman with this free how-to series from Beverly's! Makes a great ornament or package topper.

Materials 3 Colored Pompoms (1 large, 2 medium) 1 Black Pompom 3 Mini Black Pompoms Black Glitter Fun Foam Orange Felt 2 Mini Google Eyes 2 Small Twigs (we used pieces of a grapevine wreath) Spray Glitter Glue

Instructions: Glue colorful pompoms together to form snowman shape Cut circle of fun foam for hat brim and glue to top Glue black pompom to top of foam to make hat Glue mini pompoms down front for buttons Cut a sliver of black fun foam for mouth and a tiny orange triangle for nose. Glue to top colorful pompom along with eyes to form face Use spray glitter to add gumdrop sugar effect Glue twigs to side to form arms

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