> > > > > Grip-Tight Fabric from James Thompson and Co. Inc. - 15 inch - White

Grip-Tight Fabric from James Thompson and Co. Inc. - 15 inch - White

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Please Note: Fabric over 10 yards long may come in multiple cuts.

15” wide grip tight with rubber dots in white from James Thompson & Co Inc.

About this Fabric: This grip tight fabric has a twill cotton polyester blend base with rubber dots. Grip tight is most commonly used for projects that require a non slip surface or bottom. You can use this fabric for the bottoms of slippers or perhaps on the bottom of pajama feet. Because the base is woven with a twill weave and is a cotton polyester blend, it is perfect for withstanding the daily use slippers and pajamas go through, making it perfect for long lasting gifts and presents. Making it comparable to Jiffy Grip fabric. Grip Tight also comes in handy when making tablecloths or placemats. Simply attach to the bottom or under side and you will never have to fuss over a slipping tablecloth or an out of place placemat. You can also use grip tight on the bottom of rugs to prevent them from moving on hardwood flooring.


SKU : 08413251386
Material : Utility & Specialty
Content : 50% Cotton 50% Polyetser
Fabric Width (inches) : 15
UPC : 084132513867
Manufacturer Number : 151386
Condition : New
Color : White
Manufacturer : James Thompson And Co.