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Votive Candle Holder Round Pkg of 12 - Clear Glass

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2-1/2in. tall round glass votive candle holders from Darice.

About this Product: These candle holders are meant to hold votive candles. Votive candles were traditionally used for religious offerings, but are now considered a staple size in candles. These glass holders measure 2-1/2in. tall and are a simple round design. The opening of the holder is 1-3/4in. wide and is approx. 1-3/8in. wide inside the bottom of the holder. It has a weighted bottom for additional stability. Because votive candles turn into oil when lit they require to be placed in a metal or glass container to contain the oil. Today votive candles are used for home use as well as special occasions and events. At weddings or banquets they are often seen scattered among tables to give off a warm glow and pleasant scent.

These votive candle holders are a clear color, come in a package of 12, 2-1/2in. tall and roughly 1-3/4in. wide.


SKU : 65269529560
Manufacturer Number : 1104-83
Condition : New
Color : Clear
Manufacturer : Darice