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Glass Ornament with Opening


  • Glass Ornament with Opening
  • Pinecones – 3 Small
  • Petaloo™ Flowers – 2 Small
  • Petaloo™ Vintage Dazzlers-3D
  • DecoArt™ Snow-Tex
  • Glitter – White Tinsel
  • White Ribbon
  • Hot Glue

  1. Wipe off outside of ornament.
  2. Hot glue 2 small pinecones to the back inside of the ornament.
  3. Paint around the pinecones and a bit on the top with the Snow-Tex.
  4. Add a small Petaloo™ flower to both the front and back of the 3-D Vintage Dazzler.
  5. Bend to insert the Vintage Dazzler 3 in the front of the two pinecones.
  6. Paint more of the Snow-Tex carefully around the front of the photo.
  7. Add the final pinecone in front of the photo, off to the left side.
  8. Before the Snow-Tex dries, sprinkle lightly with white tinsel glitter. This will help the snow to glisten.
  9. Insert a ribbon through the top hanging loop on the ornament.
  10. Tie in a bow at the top.

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