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Glass Nuggets - Diamond Lilac Lustre

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Glass Nuggets in Diamond Lilac Lustre from Panacea

About this product: Glass Nuggets in diamond lilac lustre! Let your imagination run wild with design concepts that utilize these fantastic glass nugget accents! Add a dash of color and excitement  to any decor motif  or floral arrangement by simply adding marbles to a clear glass vase or bowl or around the base of candles to create a cool and soothing effect. Glass Nuggets are also perfect for aquariums! Order a bag or two online today and get crafty!

- Diamond Lilac Lustre

- 12oz. Bag


SKU : 09343270570
UPC : 093432705704
Manufacturer Number : 70570
Condition : New
Color : Metallic
Manufacturer : Panacea
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