Glass Magnets


  • Flattened Glass Marbles
  • Decorative Papers
  • Mod Podge™
  • Magnet
  • Hot Glue

  1. Choose the area on the paper that shows the design you want on your magnet.
  2. Lay flattened glass marble on top of decorative paper and trace around the edge of the marble.
  3. Cut out the traced shape.
  4. Brush Mod Podge™ on the top of the paper cut out.
  5. Brush Mod Podge™ on the bottom side of the flattened marble.
  6. Stick together and smooth out. Let dry.
  7. When dry, trim any edges that hang over, and show from the right side of the marble with fine scissors.
  8. Hot glue a small magnet to the back.

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