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Glass Block Bunny Light


  • Clear glass block
  • “Bunny Face” easy to apply vinyl
  • 6 yds. of white sparkle tulle
  • 1 strand of LED timer battery lights
  • 1 yd. wired burlap ribbon, doily, flowers
  • Floral wire, white and pink felt
  • Irridescent Stickles
  • Hot glue

  1. Center bunny face vinyl and apply to front of glass block.
  2. Place lights in tulle and insert inside block with control box outside.
  3. To make ears, cut 2 ear shapes, from white felt, then cut two pink ear shapes ¼” smaller around than white.
  4. Hot glue wire to back of pink felt then glue on top of white felt.
  5. Using irridescent Stickles, outline pink felt, and let dry. When dry attach to top of glass block, bending ears as you like.
  6. Make a bow using burlap ribbon. Hot glue to glass top adding doily and flowers.

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