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Giant Reindeer

Create a giant reindeer for the holidays with this free diy how-to from Beverly's!

Giant Reindeer Supplies:

Reindeer pattern (below) Giant clothespin Brown craft paint and foam brush 3 brown chenille stems (12mm fat size) 3 jingle bells Red pom pom Large wiggle eyes Red ribbon-1 yard Brown and white foam sheets Glue gun to secure antlers (needs adult supervision) and craft glue to attach facial features.

Giant Reindeer Directions:

1. Paint clothespin and set aside to dry. 2. String 3 jingle bells onto ribbon, put ribbon ends thru spring so they criss-cross in the spring and tie in back. 3. Trace and cut head and mouth out of foamie sheets. 4. Center head just above jingle bells and glue in place. Glue eyes nose and mouth in place. To make antlers: 1. Cut 2 -5" pieces and 2 -4" pieces of chenille stem. 2. Take one 12"chenille stem and bend slightly to find the center; measure 1" on each side of the center bend and bend antlers up in the air so that the center section can sit flat on top of the clothespin behind the head. 3. Take 5" piece and twist about halfway up one antler. Take 4" piece and twist on above the piece you just put on. Repeat for the other antler. 4. You can tie on a little bow if you like. 5. Use glue gun to secure antlers on top of clothespin behind the head.

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