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Garden Critter Rocks

Create your own pet bee with this free tutorial from Beverly's!


-rocks -paint -paint brush -black chenille stem -black pom pom -wiggly eyes -white felt -glue -scissors


1. Paint rock black for bee; paint rock red for lady bug. 2. Paint yellow stripes or black dots on rocks. 3. Glue on black pom pom for head. 4. Glue on wiggly eyes. 5. Cut a 3” piece of the black chenille stem, curl both ends of chenille stem, fold in half and glue on top of the black pom pom to create antennae. 6. Cut 6 1” pieces for legs, or a 2” piece for stinger. 7. For stinger, curl part of the chenille stem, leaving a piece straight for stinger. 8. Glue on legs or stinger.

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